Property Insurance

Fire & Allied Perils Insurance

The fire insurance policy covers immovable and movable property, buildings, plant and machinery, furniture, fixtures, fittings, contents, stocks / stock in process, raw material, goods held in trust or in commission from loss or damage by fire or due to any of the perils mentioned hereunder;

  • Lightning.
  • Explosion / implosion.
  • Aircraft and articles dropped there from.
  • Impact damage due to rail/road or animal.
  • Riot strike, malicious damage.
  • Subsidence and land slide.
  • Storm, cyclone, flood and inundation.
  • Sprinkler leakage.
  • Overflow, leakage of water tanks, pipes, etc.
  • any many more

Property All Risk Insurance

This Insurance is designed to cover your properties against loss or damage caused by any accident or misfortune unless specifically excluded in the Policy.

The property to be insured may consist of the following physical assets:

  • Building.
  • Furniture, fixtures and fittings.
  • Plant and equipment.
  • Office equipment.
  • Stock in trade from raw materials to finished products.

What we offer :

Risk engineering, loss prevention and sophisticated risk management consultancy services to clients Competitive pricing to give your business maximum value for money, rewarding your good claims experience. Standard cover can be combined with a complete set of optional extensions specific to your activity.

Business Interruption Insurance

Major, unforeseen events can be difficult to recover from. Your business may be unable to trade and income stops coming in. And the reality is that even when disaster strikes, overheads and costs (such as wages and rent) still need to be paid. Business Interruption insurance provides protection for the consequential loss of revenue resulting from interruption of your business, caused by damage incurred by unforeseen events. Under the Business Interruption section, your business is covered for loss of gross revenue and increased expenses during the affected period, including such costs as, but not limited to:

  • Loan repayments.
  • Supplier/employee costs.
  • Management of key customer accounts.
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