Engineering Policies

Contractors all risk Policy (Section 1) covers the risk of accidental physical loss or damage in respect of the contract works, during the execution of a civil project. CAR insurance provides an All Risk Cover. All perils are covered unless specifically excluded.

What to expect:

  • Tailor-made product for the construction industry – Cover on all risks basis
  • Cover legal liabilities to third parties arising out of the performance of the contract
  • Dedicated team for Claims assistance
  • We also offer annual policy issued for all work undertaken by a contractor

Plant & Machinery Insurance

Machinery insurance is important for anyone operating technical plant or machinery, whether they be large industrial enterprises or small firms. Unexpected damage to machinery and equipment can pose a threat to a company’s very existence.
Machinery Insurance covers diverse spectrum of machines and equipment in commercial and production facilities, such as

  • Power generating units (boilers, turbines, generators, gas turbines, etc),
  • Power distribution plant (transformers, high- and low-voltage switchgear, etc),
  • Production machinery, plant and equipment (electric motors, compressors, pumps, gear boxes vessels, reactors, etc) .

Machinery Insurance is a supplementary cover for the machinery/equipment which are otherwise required to be insured along with building, stock etc on the premises under the standard fire/property policy

Erection All Risk Insurance

All projects involving storage of equipment, moving or expanding a facility, or dismantling and re-constructing it, leave your organisation open to significant risk.
Erection All Risk Insurance assures protection to you against this kind of scenario. The comprehensive nature of its coverage makes it the ideal solution for diverse needs, whatever the risk you want to insure.

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