Employee Benefits

Group Health Insurance

All successful businesses rely on their people. That’s why choosing the right health insurance for your workforce is one of the most Important decisions you’ll ever make.
Health insurance policies provide financial security in times of emergencies. Your employees and their families need the reassurance that they can rely on receiving assistance to obtain prompt access to medical treatment and quality care.
You need the confidence of knowing that your employees will be well looked after and treated as soon as possible, letting them get better quicker and back to work sooner.
Group Health policies can be tailored to meet your business requirement. We can assist you in designing the plan benefits with best suite your requirements and your budget.

Group Life Insurance

The need for Group Life & Disability Insurance is felt in serious situations – death or incapacitating accident or sickness or terminal illness – when medical insurance does not suffice to avoid financial difficulties.

It is too important to ignore:

  • Why plan for the expected medical expenses, and not for the more serious situations ?
  • As an employer in the Gulf region, you are liable to support your staff financially following work-related injuries and organize repatriation if needed.

It matters to your employees:

  • Life & Disability has become a differentiating element in Compensation & Benefits strategies and is essential to attract and retain high-caliber employees
  • A Life & Disability cover is highly valued by your employees especially when they drive to work or travel frequently. In the Gulf region particularly, your employee is often the sole breadwinner of the family

It is good value for money:

  • It is a high-added-value product for a relatively low cost compared to Healthcare insurance.
  • It would cost a lot more for your employees to purchase on an individual basis.
  • We can combine it with your healthcare plan so that you do not incur additional administrative costs.

Group Pensions

With the global nature of business there is a greater need than ever before to have an effective, long-term, retirement savings solution in place for expatriate employees on short-term contracts and other employees who move frequently from country to country.
We can assist in providing the retirement solutions that work in the way you want them to. Retirement bene?t is hugely Important, forming one of the most signi?cant bene?ts within any total reward plan and strongly linked to employee engagement and retention.

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