General Accident & Casualty Policies

Money Insurance

Money is always susceptible to mishaps such as burglary and the like. To protect against this risk, “Money Insurance Cover” may be purchased. Money shall mean cash, notes, cheques, securities, stamps and the likes.

This cover is available against risks whilst;

  • In transit from premises to bank and vice versa.
  • In a safe, in office premises.
  • Out of the safe during working hours.
  • In the care & custody of company’s designated staff.
  • Other Extensions incidental to Money Insurance can also be provided. These can be tailor made to the exact requirements of the customer.


Fidelity Guarantee insurance

Despite the best internal control measures in any corporate activity, mishaps like misappropriation and embezzlement of stock and/or cash by employees do take place. Fidelity Guarantee Insurance Policy protects employers against such exposures.


Employers should consider the following points while opting for Fidelity Guarantee Insurance.

  • Number of employees handling cash, valuables or stocks & bonds.
  • Limits of exposures.
  • Employees status and credibility

The policy covers any loss caused due to any act(s) of Forgery or embezzlement, larceny & /or fraudulent act committed by an employee in the course of their duties.

Workmen’s Compensation

This insurance policy caters to the organization’s liability exposure towards its employees for any accidental bodily injury arising during business activities. The policy indemnifies as per the provisions of UAE Labour Law (1980) and Free Zone rules.

The following extensions are also available on the policy:

  • 24 hours cover for non work related accidents covering Death or Disability.
  • Accidental Work related Medical expenses.
  • Repatriation of Mortal remains.
  • Employer’s Liability cover.
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