Let's start with price.

Since we place a larger volume of business with various insurance companies. we have a better negotiating power than what a direct customer would have.

Another reason why insurers would offer a better price to us is because the entire risk is technically analyzed and well presented to them giving them a better understanding of the risk. This provides the insurers with an enhanced understanding of the exposure in order for them to provide the best possible rates.

At the same time insurers are well aware about our capabilities and our capacity to deal with several competitors, which automatically cautions the Insurer to bring the rates to the lowest possible levels.

Finally, we are professionally qualified in the field of Insurance whereby we utilize our technical capabilities to combine several risks into a composite policy which otherwise would be sold in piece-meal to you, as a direct customer, wherein you incur a higher cost.

Now, look at service.

We utilize all our resources for your benefit alone.

We not only offer you free consultancy in terms of guidance on the what and how of insurance but we also play a key role in the event of a claim. We will sit on your side of the table.

You do not have to run and knock the doors of an Insurer who is so large and over-busy with its bureaucratic network of several departments and divisions.

Moreover, from an administration and documentation point of view, we function as your Insurance Section thereby giving you more time to concentrate on your business rather than wasting time on Insurance Management.

Your comfort is very important to us. That's why when you have a problem, it becomes ours. Period.


We deal only with reputed Insurance Companies locally and elsewhere outside UAE. From the years of knowledge and experience, we are well informed about who are the good, bad and the ugly with their liabilities in the event of a claim.

What we are saying is that we deal only with top Insurers who have a proven track record of paying claims.

Coverage, also.

We are well versed with such possible extensions and enhancements under each type of insurance and depending upon your requirement, we will ensure that the coverage is accordingly topped up, generally done without any additional cost.

In a nutshell, we are fully conversant with the ins and outs of the Insurance business, its drawbacks, the plus points, its strengths and weaknesses, its current staffing status and abilities to deliver, its reinsurers panels, its past overall loss records, all of which assists in introducing the right security to you, as a client.